Prayerfully going forth to love, to care, to work, to share, in Christ’s name.

That is the sum total of our mission statement: few words with strong emphasis on service. But what gets us to the point of loving, caring, working, and sharing? At St. Paul’s, we would say that gathering as community in worship and prayer is absolutely necessary to energize us for the going forth. Every Sunday we hear and experience the Word of God in song, prayer, scripture, and preaching. That Word dwells in us: in our questions, our certainties, our doubts, our fears, and our joys. And it is that Word that accompanies us as we leave and move out into the world. Fed by the Holy of Holies in the bread and wine of the Eucharist, and fed by the grace, love, and challenge found in the Word, we are filled to overflowing and ready to share our abundance with all we meet on the way. God’s mission is our mission: to bring all people to the knowledge and love of God through Jesus Christ, our Lord.