Hello, and welcome to the St. Paul’s website! My name Is Greta Getlein (pronounced Get-line) and I am the priest here at St. Paul’s. Let’s first get the “what do I call a female priest” bit out of the way. If you normally call a male priest “Father so and so” then you may call me “Mother Greta”; if you are used to calling a priest by their given name, then you may call me “Greta”; if you are not sure which you prefer, please know that I don’t have a preference: try them both and see which works for you!

I was called to serve with this community on May 1, 2014 having been in New Haven since my graduation and ordination in 2009. I first served as curate (that’s church speak for new and learning priest) at Christ Church in New Haven and then accepted a call to serve at Berkeley Divinity School at Yale (my alma mater) as Associate Dean. I am now so happy to be here in Rhode Island learning and loving and worshipping alongside such great folks.

I am married to Wanda Strickland, we live in Central MA with our two terribly cute church cats – yup, we found them outside the church one evening and took them home to raise when they were about one week old. My wife is a nurse and works in hospice and home health; we have three grown children and two adorable grandchildren. We love to walk, read, garden, play board games, cook, and spend time with family.

If you are new to St. Paul’s, find me on Sunday or call me during the week; I would love to get to know you. In the meantime, please pray for this church and its people, as we pray for this city, state, and the world. Peace be with you.

You may contact me via email or phone 401.728.4300.