Which doors do I use?

You can enter St. Paul’s by one of the reddish doors, one at the top of the handicapped ramp (to the left of the church as you face it from the street) and one in the front of the church. There is also a reddish door on the right side of the church but we often don’t open that one. When you come in you’ll see lots of other doors, which can be confusing. All the doors go into the church but two go into the area at the back of the church where the ushers are who will give you a bulletin so you can follow the service. Don’t worry, if you go through another door, we’ll find you!

Once you have a bulletin and have found a seat (you can sit anywhere you like, no seats are reserved unless they are marked) you may simply sit quietly until the service begins. We have some customs that you may or may not participate in as you wish, such as standing, sitting, and kneeling at particular moments, crossing ourselves, bowing our heads, and the like. None are necessary. You will notice people around you doing some things and not others. All God requires of us is our presence and love.

What is each service like?

Our early service (8 AM) takes place in the smaller chapel which is on the right side of the church. This service has no music and runs about 45 minutes. Most folks who go to this service enjoy having the rest of their day free; some go to this service because they don’t enjoy singing hymns! Our later service (10 AM) takes place in the main church and we sing hymns and welcome children to participate as fully as they wish – even if that means things get a bit noisy!

What about children?

Sunday School for children under 12 begins just before the 10 AM service at 9:45. The children and their teachers join the service soon after the sermon, share in the Eucharist, and then return to their classrooms to finish up their lesson. Smaller children are welcome to be in the attended nursery. All children are welcome in church anytime. On the first Sunday of every month, the children don’t have Sunday School but do help out in the service. The older children meet in the evening a couple of times per month and are invited, on Sundays, to serve as acolytes (assistants to the priest) during the service.

Then what?

When the service is over, we gather for coffee and snacks in our large hall. The priest will be in the back of the church for a little while before going to have some coffee – feel free to talk with her there or just go straight for coffee! You will see people doing both. If you fill out a visitor card (found in your pew) and hand it to the priest or to an usher, you may get a call or e-mail from the priest just to say hello.


We are all exploring this thing we call faith, and we are all seeking to grow closer to God and to find meaning in our lives and world. This is something we do together, thank God, because it would be so hard to do alone. Questions are a normal part of our journey. We welcome yours.